What Diet is the Best Diet?


With so much controversy around diet, how are we ever suppose to know what diet is the right diet? I believe the saddest part about dieting is that when you take on the wrong diet or an inefficient diet for your body, you could potentially be wasting years off your life and, even worse, limiting your ability to be happy. I’ve jumped back and forth from one diet to another, all for different reasons - weight management, many health issues, even just for comfort. Looking back at my journey with food and endless hours of research and medical advice I came to the conclusion that there is no one specific diet for everyone. We are all unique in our own way. The same way we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, parents and so much more. It comes down to what goal we are trying to achieve through our diet whether it be a long life, slowing down aging, reverse aging, weight loss, weight gain there are so many factors to think about.  That being said, one thing science has proven is that we can all benefit from eating more vegetables. 

Through my own trial and error with specific "diets", I realized what my body, mind, and soul thrive on most and that food is so much more than just what goes into us. I know that when my body feels good my mind follows and then my soul. I’ve recently been joking around with my husband about being an earthatarian, a new term I've made up. An earthatarian to me is someone who can take an authentic look at what is going into their mouths, how it makes them feel, and how that food is affecting this amazing planet we call home. By asking these questions we quickly realize how unaware and uneducated we are about the issues around food. Food isn't just fuel. It's a huge part of who we are. 

Food has been such a big part of my life and has taught me so much more than just what a diet is. It made me realize that this life of ours is too darn short to be limited and I don’t only mean in flavor. It taught me to grab this very short life of mine and to live with intention, integrity, and love. My question around food changed from being what diet is the best diet to why this diet is the best diet? It was only then that food became the fuel for my soul, and my passion for changing the relationship we have with it. So I leave you with this question: Why are you eating what you do?