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What is Rooted:

Calgary's only farm fresh, plant-based meal kits delivered weekly to your door!


Rooted was created so that Calgarians can have access to delicious, plant-based, nutrient dense, chef-curated recipes. Inspired by health and made to satisfy, our dream is to change people’s understanding and consciousness around food. 

All ingredients are delivered fresh and perfectly portioned to your door, ready for you to cook up healthy and easy to make meals!

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The most profound engagement with the natural world happens on our plate!
— michael pollan

Why Rooted?

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."

-Ann Wigmore

Health is wealth. But today, as lucky as we are to live in this era where we are surrounded with endless opportunity, time feels more scarce than ever. Convenience is at the top of most people's lists, and good food is often put on the back burner, in an endless list of things to do. Let's face it, healthy eating takes a lot of time and preparation; Whole foods require work. Processed foods generally require you to open the packet and eat. Which do you reach for when you're hungry and in a hurry? Rooted was created to help bring convenience and taste to healthy eating, by eliminating all the confusion and the time it takes to get there.


Rooted values are based on the principle of 'you are what you eat', understanding that every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. We believe this begins with the best ingredients. We stay as organic and local as possible, and value sustainable farming practices while having the utmost respect for the environment. 


Weekly: Peas in a Pod Box

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"Life is too good to eat bad food."

β€” food matters

Weekly : Bunch of Carrots Box

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