5 Reasons to Try Plant-Based Eating This Year


Happy New Year! At Rooted we are so excited to see what 2018 has to offer!

The beginning of the year has become synonymous with self-reflection and goal setting – new year, new you, right?

A lot of the time, this reflection is around our relationship with our body – what we put in it, what we do with it, and how we treat it – and it usually comes with a few goals to kick our unhealthy habits to the curb like a bad ex. 

One goal we hear about a lot at Rooted during the New Year and throughout the year is to eat healthier. Changing your eating habits isn’t always the easiest as our brains become wired to respond positively to certain foods we enjoy and eat on a regular basis, whether they are good, bad, or otherwise. Combine this with an overwhelming amount of eating options, and a new diet trend to go with every season or Kardashian baby, and it can be challenging to find something that is sustainable for the long haul, giving you real results. No kidding, the struggle is real.

So, why not keep it easy?

Instead of trying to follow somebody else’s list of ever-changing rules about what to eat and when, simplify your diet by eating less processed foods and incorporating more whole-food, plant-based options like whole grains, vegetables, tubers, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. Not only will you feel healthier, your gut, skin and energy levels will thank you. It seriously can be that simple.

Here are just some of the benefits of eating your greens and all of the colours of the plant-based rainbow:  

  1. Better Overall Heath – Our founder Sheena used plant-based eating to help manage the chronic illness in her life and there is lots of research showing that a plant-based whole-foods diet can help regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and support a number of other chronic illnesses…. But we aren't doctors, so we won’t go into that here. At any level, the diverse nutrient base of plants is bound to lead to an overall healthier you.
  2. Weight Loss – Vegetables are high in nutrients and water, meaning you’ll feel fuller faster, eating less overall. When you eat whole plant-based foods, you also remove sugars and other additives that are commonly thrown in during food processing, saving yourself a whole lot of extra calories to burn.
  3. Gut Health – Plants are full of fiber and you know what that means – keeping it on the regular! ‘Nuff said.
  4. Better Skin – Your skin is the largest organ in your body and a good indicator of health. Less toxins from processed foods and more nutrients from fruits and vegetables mean better skin complexion and that healthy glow.
  5. More Energy – The sugars in processed foods destabilize your system making you prone to energy peaks and crashes. The natural sugars and other carbohydrates like fiber in fruits and vegetables are processed at a slower pace helping you to better regulate your energy over time.

Don’t just take our word for it though … after all, we may have a bit of a bias here ;).


Try it out and listen to your body. If you’re new to plant-based eating, start by slowly incorporating more vegetables and removing processed foods or maybe try eating completely plant-based meals one day a week. Then, pay attention to how you feel.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)

Don’t know where to start? We’d be happy to help! Our meal plans are one way to learn more and we would love to support you in the process. 

Finally, our disclaimer…  As we mentioned above, we aren’t doctors. We are only speaking from our own research and positive experiences. If you have questions about whether plant-based eating is right for your body, make sure to talk to a health-care professional like your local naturopathic or family doctor.