Sheena Rozak Rooted Meal Prep CAlgary

"Be the change you want to see in the world!"

-Mahatma Gandhi

My name is Sheena Tia Rozak, to be exact. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I hope through creating Rooted and sharing my love for healthy food, I'll be able to inspire you to live your happiest life. Through a chronic illness, I quickly realized the profound impact healthy food plays in our overall health and spiritual happiness. I refuse to take this one life we have for granted. I believe it is a true gift to be alive. I have made the decision to live my BEST life, and make it my life goal to bring authentic, sustainable, delicious food to everyone's home and bellies. I believe that most health issues can be avoided by simply making tiny changes on a daily basis. This can be the difference between prevention or intervention in many aspects of life, big and small: health, relationships, environmental issues, and emotional wellbeing. My passion is to help others find their happiness by sharing all the knowledge I have accumulated; this gives my life purpose. I believe that education, knowledge, and happiness are the most powerful things that I can share and I'm so excited for you to come along with me on this healthful journey.